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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle.

Hello again everyone,
It's time for a new blog and a Cymbals & Snares update. Well we have been offically re-opened about 2 weeks or so. It kinda felt a little weird at first But things have begum to rapidly fall into place. Our analytics data show an across the board increase. From visitors to pages viewed and every other data ebay collects we are up substantially over August 09. That's makes me feel good. Were getting a good amount of traffic in our store, It's only a matter of a few weeks now where sales begin to Rise. Hopefully we'll all have a great Fall selling season.

Wuhan Expands Successful New Traditional Series

There have been rumors for months that Wuhan was going to increase it's offerings in their successful " New Traditional" series of Cymbals. Wuhan announced today this is infact the case. Starting friday the Cymbals will be available to retailers and wholesalers. As of this writing only a partial list of new cymbals were available. They are 13" HH's Several new weights in the already relased 14" and 16" crashes And perhap a second weight classification for the 18" crash/ Ride. The crashes will exand with the addition of a 15", 17" and 19" crash No word on weights yet. There will also be a few more rides to choose from. Currently only a medium 20" rides is available, A few more weights will ne added in the 20" catagory. It's my understanding a heavy and a light ride will be added. Also a 21" or 22" ride will round out the expansion. This has easily become Whan's most succesful series of cymbals. Like the original sizes included in it's inital release, The pie will blend visually and sonically in a seemless fashion with it's original counterparts. Being handmade from B20 bronze and buffed to that gorgeous brilliant shine. Fear not dear freinds Cymbal & snares has already order a bunch They will be on sale ( hopefully) Friday

Wholesale operation expands

A lot of you may not know it but Cymbals & Snares has a wholesale division. We are not only the biggest Silken retailer we are also the North American Distributors. My plan was to promote and sell Silken strictky through the internet along with a google adword promo 's for a year. To build the brands identity to atleast familurise the drum shop owners and drum dept managers and drummers themselves with the brand. Well it's been a year and I have begun to pound the pavement bringing Silken samples with me. We've already nabbed 2 stores and more to follow. This is an exciting new field to get into and it will also produce another stream of income and that's good. For the record we also distribute coreelo drumheads There new to the Us market and last we carry Overdrive percusson, They make everything from stands and snares to sticks. This another example of finding a company that makes quality products at a lower cost than the big buys. All of these products will appearing in our store by early september . Well everyone that about wraps thing up for today. You've been told the latest and the greatest from your favorite Under Ground Drum shop _ Till Next time T