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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Internet Only Or Brick & Mortar Also ?

Good Morning Everyone,

7am sharp on the 19th day of August 2010 Anno Domino. T here at Fort C & S. One of the many personal daemons I must fight is the occasional sleepless night, I had one last night Tossed and turned the entire night. It really sucks because the day is still coming whether your ready for it or not, You go threw the day tired and lethargic. I absolutely hate it. It's one of those issue's If you not troubled by it you'll never get it. Trust me it blows and it always seems to occur on day's when you really need to be sharp. I'll be lucky if I'm a butter knife today.

One of the questions that always seems to pop up from customers is are we ever going to open a physical retail location or always stay an Internet business. Truth be told Part of the grand master scheme is to eventually have a physical location from which to launch my fiendish plot for world domination. Any good businessman knows ruling out any possibility is foolish, As different opportunities avail themselves to Myself and the company each one has to be individually assets for it's positives and negatives as they relate to the company.

Part of the Grand Master Scheme for C & S would be to have a large and extensive Internet presence. Having both an Ebay store and a stand alone proprietary website. Optimize and utilize a Blog and social networking sites. To have a retail location with a music school attached. I think creating a warm inviting environment for student's to learn an instrument in is a key goal of mine. It's something I did not have, not by any one's fault. I was very fortunate my parents both supported my musical endeavors and when I expressed interest in drumming , Mom took me to the local music school and signed me up.

It's not like it was a bad place or their teachers sucked. It just wasn't a good place, not warm and or inviting not a place that motivated you to " go at it " sorta speak. In much the same way I grew disillusioned with the retail part of the business, I also grew tired of the almost haphazard way music lessons were given. As I decided to make a commitment to sell percussion instruments I also will make a commitment to change the teaching environment of instruments. Music lessons use to be offered when I was in Grammar school. I do not if this is true any longer. The instrument choices one had strangely left out the ENTIRE percussion field and guitar. These are some of the most popular instruments today.

I have absolutely nothing against traditional band instruments. Without them well we couldn't have a band. Just like C & S has it's niche retail market so will any school associated with C & S. It will be named " The School of Rock " for those who wish to learn Drums, Bass & Guitar. Any good musician should be exposed to other styles of music any school that does not do so in my opinion is remiss in it's duty and obligation To the student and the music community in general. There is however nothing wrong with a school that specializes in teaching this style of music. It's the most popular kind of music and there should be a school dedicated to teaching young musicians this genre.

So any retail operation would need to accommodate this part of the plan. Then the entire C & S operations can be consolidated under a single roof. I will admit this is an appealing aspect of the music industry one I think is terribly undeserved. For the moment are hands are full with the holiday season fast approaching and the Wholesale end of the business ramping up well look more into these type of opportunities , perhaps in the spring. So never say never but at least for the rest of this year we will remain an Internet operator. Till next time. T.

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