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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hardware The Unsung hero of Drums.

Hey Everybody T here with another Riveting episode of C & S 's percussion blog. It's no secret to anyone who has shopped at C & S, http://www.cymbalsandsnares.com/ read our blog or followed our immensely popular You Tube Channel www.youtube.ilduce61.com/ That we are the epicenter of " The Other Name Brands" . The alternatives to the big guys. Drummers can be fiercely loyal to brands especially when it comes to Drum's and Cymbal's. I can totally relate, although I have always been willing to take a chance on another brand or product to what I normally might purchase. That's me and not everyone is like that after all a product like a brand of Drum or Heads or Cymbals is part of our signature, We don't like upsetting the apple cart.

However If there's one place you can take a relatively low risk of change it's with your Hardware. Cymbal stands, Tom holders, Pedals and the like, They can be a low cost opportunity for you to explore what other brands have to offer with little financial or physical risk to you. Here's a perfect example of what I mean. A few years back I wanted to add a few toms to my Mapex mars pro series kit. That would be 2 toms and a double tom holder, Not really thinking to much about it I went to my local Drum shop to inquire about ordering and pricing. Was I in for a Shock It was $180.00 for JUST the double tom holder !! Forgetabout the two drums. It wasn't like I didn't have the money I just didn't think It was worth it. The finale price was over $500 for everything. I choose not to order them. I then saw Cannon's double Tom set up like we sell for less than $200 for everything so I took a chance and purchased them. I could not have been happier. I got 2 quality toms and an excellent well built solid as a rock double tom holder for less than half the price I would have paid for the Mapex set up.

This Typifies the C & S mission if you will. There's just a lot of great Percussion products out there for prices way below what the big boys get. My personal hardware set up is a conglomerate of at least 5 brands of stands and pedals. I use DW, Tama, Mapex, TKO, Adam and Pearl . Lately we have been selling Hardware by both Cannon and TKO, both companies makes excellent quality well built products at very reasonable prices. Cannon makes some of the most underrated under discussed pedals in the industry. Their bass pedals are everything a drummer could want or need in a pedal, Their top of the line double kick sells for just $249. In the double kick world where high end, big name double kicks now exceed $1000 retail price, Cannons DK pedal suddenly begins to warrant at least a look see. That's a $750 price difference !!! You can buy a whole kit with the money you save.

TKO has long been a bastion of entry level products. Not cheap skid row stuff, just entry level products. Last year TKO upped the ante by introducing their first really Pro level line of products. For some companies it's quite a leap by TKO managed to pull it off seamlessly. Their 1200 series Cymbal stands and HH stand represents an excellent value for drummers. These are well built good looking stands at half the price you'd pay for essentially the same stuff from a bigger name company. You'll find features and quality that are not normally found at this price point. Their 1205 Boom stand features Euro-style quick lock handles ( L-shaped) double braced legs, over sized feet for secure footing , nice composite gaskets in between the height adjustment poles to prevent metal on metal contact, An over sized removable 2 lb counterweight and a telescopic boom arm that extends to almost 36 " !! We retail this stand for under $75.00 let me tell you, For the money this is absolutely the best stand in it's price range. If it had a major label on it it could easily sell for $50.00 to double the price it currently sells for.

At the moment we have a hodgepodge of Hardware from both companies, in September we will be bringing in TKO's entire line of 1200 series stands and Cannon's Roadpro series stands and their Action line of Bass pedals. If your looking to get some great quality stands and pedals at very reasonable prices Check out both of these lines at C & S in September. Till next time T


  1. Point well taken, I'll keep that in mind for a future blog.

  2. Never heard of TKO. I'll check them out. Recently I was needing some inexpensive, lightweight hardware. I purchased a hi-hat stand and two boom stands from sound percussion. For my needs they are perfect. The only thing even semi-flimsy about them is the nut and bracket at the leg adjustment. Everything else seems rock solid. I have a suspicion that these are made by Gibraltar.