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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cymbals & Snares You Tube Channel

IN my opinion to have a truly interactive web based retail operation you need more than just a web store. In support of our Ebay store we also have a blog which if your reading this you probably have already figured out. We also have a You Tube channel Which of course we always put convenient links too. www.youtube.com/ilduce61 Like that. What I'm trying to accomplish is a comprehensive Internet Drumpire that is totally user friendly and interactive. Each day a little more gets accomplished, each day I learn a little more, each day things get a little closer to reality.

The Business itself which is the engine that powers everything gets a little stronger. Our customer base gets bigger as does our following on You Tube and Blogger. Our You Tube channel which I'd like to concentrate on has seen explosive growth since it's integration into the C & S store. Although The channel is a year old, it was unused it just sat there I put no video's on it I never even visited the site. Cruising YT one day I realized there were so many drum and cymbal video's on it I should consider utilizing this avenue as a way to advertise my products and company. We had been using video's on our Ebay store almost from the start, It was stupid and a serious oversight on my part not to utilize this avenue of communication.

So 6 months ago I began to upload our product video's to our YT channel and a literal explosion happened which has not subsided since. We now have approximately 125 video's on our Channel which have received tens of thousands of hits in that time. I have also interacted with questions from hundreds of viewers. We have built a following of over 200 devotee's and we grow bigger and stronger all the time. It's a good feeling to know an Idea that peculated in my damaged brain could come to fruition like it has. I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased product from us, who have joined our Blog and joined our You Tube channel. I'd also like to thank everyone who has signed up for our store newsletter. Although if you put all of the people together that I just mentioned it only comes to a little over 300 people. It's tiny by comparison to the big guys in the game. We will not stop until we are one of the big guys in the game.

Our next efforts will be to boost our inventory and work on expanding the reach and scope of our Blog. Thia is another excellent way to interact with other drummers and customers. It is another avenue which has been underutilized by my company. I work hard at building a reputation of honesty and trust with our store and the info I dish out on our You Tube channel . Doing the same on our blog is just a natural extension. Till next time T

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