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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Add Campaign In full Swing

Any Successful business must advertize it's exsistence and it's products. That would be especially true for a business like ours. It's not that having a drum shop is all that strange, It isn't. What makes us different is our product selection and our theme " Home of the Other Name brand" That makes us a little different. You want to educate any potential customer that's he's not gonna see Pearl and Tama kits as far as the eye can see. He won't be bangin on any Zildjians or Sabians. It's only fair to him and to us. If you have no intrest in checking out alternative brands then don't come in. Because you ain't gonna find anything you like in here.

So Last week C & S has launched a duall search engine campaign. Were advertizing on both Google and Yahoo. They are the true giants of the internet search engines. We figured adds running on both SE would pretty much cover everybody. So far we are satidfied with the results. However clicks need to turn into sales or your add isn't worth running. It's still too early to tell weather or not our adds are gonna be successful.

Probably one of the most effective advertizing for us has been our You Tube and Blogger sites. We have a very stong and active following on You Tube and it's begun to spill over into our blogger page. These two sites make our company very interactive with our subscribers and friends. From my view point it's nice to be able to interact with my customer base. I have really gotten to know some of our regulars and I'm a better person for it. These two sites couple with our active add campaign should at least get our name out there and known. Recognition is the first step to success. I know our subscribers and friends have used good old word of mouth to entice other drummers to check us out. I have been told so, and that my friends is the most gratifying feeling in the world.

Moving into the Holiday season we plan on running our adds right through the holidays. Even though this is when many companies who don't advertize jump on the band wagon that's ok. Were a uniques company with a unique product line, desoite the onslaught of opportunistic advertizers I think we'll hold our own. Competition doesn't scare me. When I listed my very first cymbal on ebay on September 1st 2008, there were nearly 5,000 cymbals for sale. If competition bothered me I would have folded shop right then and there. Bring on the competition our products can more than handle it. Till next time T

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