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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silkens/ Cymbals & Snares To Get Major Press

Hey everybody Hot enough for ya ?!? How many times have ya heard that this summer ? Let's try something different How 'bout them Yankees huh ? Hey I'm in Jersey Give me a break. Seriously here in the northeast it has been a sweltering hot and humid summer. One good thing about living in jersey when I die If I go to hell I'll be all set. It just can't get any hotter or humid than it is here in the good old Garden State.

Like the heading of this blog says Cymbals & Snares is on the verge of getting some major press. It will feature a small spotlight of one of our brands Silken Cymbals. At this point I'm not sure what the etique is about making an announcement like this. There are some absolutely wonderful people helping me to make this happen. I will tell you this for people of this stature in the industry to take notice of Silken Cymbals is an endorsement of their quality right there. More importantly for them to take notice of my company which on the grand scheme of things is tiny by comparison to almost everyone ( But it won't stay that way) That they would even bother to consider it let alone give it the green light is more than heartwarming. Words cannot express my gratitude to these gentleman. When it comes time I will name names becuase their publication and they themselves desrve alot of credit.

When I get up every morning I don't feel daunted by the task that lie's ahead of me. I should My competition could eat me for breakfast any day of the week. Some of them have a bigger advertizing budget per week than my entire company is worth 10 times over for the entire years of sales. What really keeps me going is I absolutely love drums. Selling them and everything that goes with them put's a smile on my face. Knowing I did right by that last customer just gives me a great feeling. The emails and comments I recieve about our company the products we sell the service people get tells me I'm onto something. It's a niche that nobody else is in. That works out well for both you and I. In one way we have a ton of competition in other ways we have none. At C & S were gonna keep on plugging away doing what we do. The deciding factor wether were doing it right or were onto something is the cash register. No matter how noble your Idea's are unless you make a profit your not going anywhere. So far the cash registar has been ringing, let's hope it stays that way. T