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Friday, September 18, 2009

Comming this fall.....

Summer is over.Tthe kids are back in school and time to back into that old routine. Which for some of us means buy stuff for the old drum kit! We like to keep our customers up to date about the happening at Cymbals & Snares so here's a quic rundown of what you can expect in the fall.
TAYE DRUMS: We will expand our selection of Taye snares. Over the summer we sold out of our shipment of rockline entry level snares. We will be bringing in some mid-level snares mainly the rock-pro line. Don't worry there's plenty to choose from. The colors, finishes and materials in which to choose these are very solid reasonably priced drums. Taye also makes some great award winning bass pedals. Were not kidding last year at Namm one of Taye's bass pedals won best in show, Look for an extensive selection of entry level to doublekick pro level pedals from Taye
SILKEN : We currently have a pretty good selection of 2 of their lines. The Vintage and Hansun are well represented. This fall see us expand our Silken offerings with a number of Cymbals from a 3rd line called Dark Energ. With additional selection in the two series we currently carry.
TKO : This company makes some really good entry level products a great exampl of that is the TK101jr drumkit. Probably the nicest most well built kids drum kit on the market. They also make some of the nicest and affordable cymbal stands on the market. TKO's 1200 series has many pro features including that massive counterwweight for the boom stands . look for us to bring in TKO 1200 series this fall.
DIRIL : These goreous hand made cymbals from Turkey are among the best pro-grade cymbals on the maket. We are currently carrying the D and ICE series look for us to pick up their jazz line sometime this fall.
Cannon : these guys make rock solid hardware that is very fairly priced. Equipment from their Road pro and their 820 line of equipment. HH's thrones and assorted standslook for more of these things from Cannon. We also are considering brining on the all Maple version of Cannons popular concert toms. These are all custom toms which color matching you exsisiting is an option !
Wuhan : We will continue to to fully stock every Wuhan they make. We are currently working on a deal that wil allow us to offer every china they make. stay tuned
ALL OTHER BRANDS : from puresound to attack we will expand our offerings from all the brands we carry. well that;s it for now T