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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sign up and Sound off ............Please

How ya doin everybody ? It's T here with another quick Blog update. In order to keep those of you intrested I'm trying to do as many blogs a week as possible. Even if it's just to give you a tidbit of info. As our company grows the importance of our ancillary sites like Blogger and You tube become critically important to keep in touch with you guys. I don't want to loose you to another drumsite.
It's funny but on our you tube site we have over 150 subscribers and freinds. Yet here on our blogger site we have a total of 2 followers. Now on our Ebay store there's a thing called analytics it's for store owners to track were our visitors are comming from. It's actually very intresting information, for instance this month nearly 40% of visitors to our store either typed our store name in or it was bookmarked. That tells you conclusively we have really begun to have a following. That is very satisfying I put alot of hard work into my company it's nice to see I have struck a chord with alot of you.
There's another section that tells you what websites people show up from. This requires to click a link if there is one, I put a link to my various websites everywhere I visit. I am a member of atleast 10 drum forums and in my signature is links to our store, our blog and our You Tube page. Now I find this to be very intresting our blog came in 3rd in reffering websites our You Tube page came in 4th !!! So I know there's alot of people who read this blog then check out our store. So why are there so few posts here ? But on you tube we get 20-30 a day ? Why do we have only 2 followers here ? but over 150 on you tube ? If anyone can shed some light on this I'd love to hear it.
So if your a regular here or semi regular sign up as a follower if you have any idea why the situation I describe could be make a comment I'd love to here it. So That's it for tonight everyone. From a very confused and frustrated T.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back at the Helm --- T

It's been a bumby ride these last 2 months. I would like to thank everyone who stuck by me and who took the time to special order products. Had I even an incling of how tumultuos the last two months were going to be I would have closed up shop temporarily. Unfortunately by the time I did it was too late for some buyers. Our perfect feedback of 500+ has 2 negatives on it. That just kills me. I don't blame anyone but myself, I'm just gonna have to buckle down and get back to what I do best Sell percussion equipment.

So I am as of today offically back at the helm. Our Store Cymbals & Snares is up and running at full speed. I just hope it doesn't take to long to get our momentum back. We are working on all kinds of projects one is expanding our wholesale division. We are begining to Wholesale Silken cymbals and we will announce a brand new drumhead to the US market shortly. We are also lining up to be the sole distributor of Overdrive Percussion products. So in that arena were looking strong.

On the retail end we will be bringing in several new lines for the holidays look for new arrivals after labor day. That's really all there is to say this time out I just wanted to let everyone know that Cymbals & Snares has a full time captain again.--- T