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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back at the Helm --- T

It's been a bumby ride these last 2 months. I would like to thank everyone who stuck by me and who took the time to special order products. Had I even an incling of how tumultuos the last two months were going to be I would have closed up shop temporarily. Unfortunately by the time I did it was too late for some buyers. Our perfect feedback of 500+ has 2 negatives on it. That just kills me. I don't blame anyone but myself, I'm just gonna have to buckle down and get back to what I do best Sell percussion equipment.

So I am as of today offically back at the helm. Our Store Cymbals & Snares is up and running at full speed. I just hope it doesn't take to long to get our momentum back. We are working on all kinds of projects one is expanding our wholesale division. We are begining to Wholesale Silken cymbals and we will announce a brand new drumhead to the US market shortly. We are also lining up to be the sole distributor of Overdrive Percussion products. So in that arena were looking strong.

On the retail end we will be bringing in several new lines for the holidays look for new arrivals after labor day. That's really all there is to say this time out I just wanted to let everyone know that Cymbals & Snares has a full time captain again.--- T


  1. Hi
    I just bought a Silken flat for which I am eagerly waiting.
    Will it be shipped soon ?
    Thanks and best health to you.

  2. philo, That's a really nice cymbal, I absolutely love those Silkens. Your gonna love it bro. Emailed you this morning. It went out late yesterday afternoon. Enjoy T