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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sign up and Sound off ............Please

How ya doin everybody ? It's T here with another quick Blog update. In order to keep those of you intrested I'm trying to do as many blogs a week as possible. Even if it's just to give you a tidbit of info. As our company grows the importance of our ancillary sites like Blogger and You tube become critically important to keep in touch with you guys. I don't want to loose you to another drumsite.
It's funny but on our you tube site we have over 150 subscribers and freinds. Yet here on our blogger site we have a total of 2 followers. Now on our Ebay store there's a thing called analytics it's for store owners to track were our visitors are comming from. It's actually very intresting information, for instance this month nearly 40% of visitors to our store either typed our store name in or it was bookmarked. That tells you conclusively we have really begun to have a following. That is very satisfying I put alot of hard work into my company it's nice to see I have struck a chord with alot of you.
There's another section that tells you what websites people show up from. This requires to click a link if there is one, I put a link to my various websites everywhere I visit. I am a member of atleast 10 drum forums and in my signature is links to our store, our blog and our You Tube page. Now I find this to be very intresting our blog came in 3rd in reffering websites our You Tube page came in 4th !!! So I know there's alot of people who read this blog then check out our store. So why are there so few posts here ? But on you tube we get 20-30 a day ? Why do we have only 2 followers here ? but over 150 on you tube ? If anyone can shed some light on this I'd love to hear it.
So if your a regular here or semi regular sign up as a follower if you have any idea why the situation I describe could be make a comment I'd love to here it. So That's it for tonight everyone. From a very confused and frustrated T.


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  2. How come your comments are in Chinese?