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Overdrive Cymbals
Overdrive Cymbals T20 Series

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Overdrive Cymbals

Today my friends Cymbals & Snares introduces Overdrive cymbals, This is C&S's own "house" brand of Cymbals. You may or may not realize it but C & S's is not only a retail company but also a wholesale company ( business to business). We are the US distributors for Silken Cymbals, Overdrive cymbals and all Overdrive brand products and we are in discussion's with an overseas drum head company to distribute thier products here in the US. But let me get into some basic about this whole other side of our operations, and give you some info on that.

Cymbals & Snares opened our cyber doors two years ago as a percussion retail business, but from the start I knew that we would eventually get into Wholesaling and hopefully Distributing percussion products. The wholesale/distributing " thing " sorta just happened a short while after our affiliation with Silken Cymbals began. Then another opportunity to retail/wholesale another product arose. We are still working on it. Any good wholesaler has it's own house brand of products. LPD Music has TKO brand, Universal Percussion has several brands under it's belt but It's true "house" brand is Cannon brand. It goes on and on. I knew that if C & S's Drumpire were to really flourish to all it's potential we needed to Wholesale and we needed a house brand.

The first product I wanted to develop was a line of Cymbals. Now there are several ways to go about it. Thier is what is known as re-branding where either you or the company you purchase a certain brand/line of cymbals from removes the original brand and series and is replaced by your own. This is a very common option. We choose the harder and more costly approach, working with our manufacture we gave them specific parameters to adhere to for each type of cymbal. It took quite awhile to finish but we are happy with the results. In looking back we probably jumped the gun by starting with a line of Cymbals, and not just having something re-branded. We're still new and we can error now and again. In the end I'm so happy how Overdrive Cymbals came out I'm glad we did what we did.

Funny how quickly things change. Financially and socially my life was as far away to where I am today as I could ever imagine. Due to unforseen circumstances our product development budget is pretty small at the moment. Hopefully with increased holiday sales we'll be able to start to fund our product development program fully again. We really have some hot Hardware and some pretty trick items comming down the line. Stick around were just getting rolling. T.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Big Thank You To some great customers.

When, I started Cymbals & Snares It was really a combination of feeling " I can do it better" and an over all frustration with the current state of affairs in the Instrument retailing business. Combined with the idea of a Store that specialized in the brands we do Could be a reasonable success. Along the way I have promoted the idea of a "community " A place were drummers could share idea's an opinions and just discuss products or drumming in general. It doesn't always have to be about a sale. It's gratifying to see that after two years , the business is still even here! And the idea's I originally started out with are still relevant and are really beginning to take shape and form.

The idea of building a loyal customer base a "community " of drummers is really taking shape and hold. I have some fantastic people who are loyal regular customers. There is really a kinda Tier system developing. There's the super regulars, and the semi regulars. Even the occasional shopper who returns is vitally important to me. In business the absolute best compliment one can receive is a return customer. That tells you he was satisfied with all the aspects of our transactions and has decided to do business again with you. There's alot of places to spend your money. I'm honored that people choose C & S to do it.

Now I'm gonna name some names. Don't get bent if I didn't name you. This blog is just the first in a series that I will be thanking my customers. These are the guys on my mind at the moment. There's AL from Brooklyn, He is a regular and a loyal shopper. Since he's not far from me I'd like to check out his band if they ever play S.I. or jersey. Bernie, a really good guy very interesting and intelligent guy, he's in the "industry" and also attempting to do his own thing. I wish him well. He's also doing some things for me that is just unbelievably cool. I owe this man big time. Thomas from Cali, a really big and loyal C&s fan. I'm lucky he found my store. When we finally get C&S shirts printed up He get the very First one on us. He deserves it. Wojtek from TX, He purchased from me when I was ill. He was so supportive it isn't funny. It took about a month to finally get him his products. But all he kept telling me was get better. He's looking for more Items and he will get takin care of. Just a super nice caring guy.

That is just a very few the tip of the iceberg sorta speak. I could go on and on. The point being with guys like that on your side, it gives you a feeling of " Vindication" sorta speak. That my ideas and hopes for a drum shop like I wanted is beginning to bear fruit. Oh, does that fruit taste sweet. Well just a quick blurb and thank you's today on Labor day. Everyone enjoy your holiday may it be a good one. Till next time T

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Hey everyone, This is T , well Labor day is upon us and as the symbolic close of summer has decended upon us. So has another annual right of passage. The Labor Day Sale. I just wanted to let our growing family know that were having one too. Every item we have, Every Cymbal, tom set. Cymbal stand, Snare drum EVERYTHING IS 10% OFF !!! This is probably our most extensive and comprehensive sale we have ever had. If you have been flirting with a purchase This weekend is the time to strike.

This sale just doesn't pertain to the drummers themselves, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Mom & Dads aunt's and Uncles Hell even your cousins Vinnie & Salvatore who are each doin a Nickle at east jersey state got paypals accounts. It's a thing known as presents. It certainly not to early to start shopping for that special someone for Christmas. FYI Cymbals don't go bad or spoil they be fine purchased today for a christmas gift. Not trying to push anyone I just feel obligated to bring up that point.

So If ya get a chance check out our website for some of the best prices on percussion equipment all year. Here is just a small example TKO 7 ply all Maple Piccolo snare, with triple flanged hoop just $120 something. TKO 8100 add on toms $125.00 Evans head packs starting at $ 34.99 !! All Wuhan Cymbal packs on sale including the super popular Mega Pack featuring 8 brilliant finished cymbals and a cymbal bag was $399 now $359 plus Free shipping, What I'm I nuts ?? My shrink said something like that last week.

I want everyone to enjoy your Holiday weekend and if your in the mood to add something to your kit or wanna just by a friend a gift stop by www.cymbalsandsnares.com for some of the absolute lowest rock bottom prices we have offered all year. Till next time T

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cymbals & Snares pulls a hatrick this week !!

August, a virtual dead sea in retailing for us and many other business's it's the slowest month of the year. Many indie's and small mom & pop shop if they take a vacation and close up shop for a week or two it will be in August. It's the biggest vacation month of the year. One last shot at relaxation before the kids head back to school and the inevitable march towards holiday madness and mayhem ensue's. Unless your in a tourist area or your a general merchadiser like Target , Sears or Walmart who do alot of back to school business August sucks for sales.

This year we repeated our stategy for dealing with this in our 2nd annual DOG DAZE OF SUMMER SALE. It worked rather well. Our sales were up over last August but we also have a whole lot more going on than we did last year at this time. We have You Tube, We have this Blogger and we have more inventory. So for us in a year to year comparison we did satisfactry business. Our store traffic was up by more than double and page views at our store were more than triple.

For the first time last week all three sign on list we have ,one for our stores mailing list a blogger subscriber list and our You Tube subscriber list all added members. Two of the three always seem to add a subscriber or two. One will add a bunch another maybe just one the third will be dead. Last week a barrier of sorts was smashed as we saw enrollment lets call it at all three sites rise for the first time together. Kinda cool atleast from our perspective. Putting in time and effort to try and create good solid content for our fellow drummers and watching all 3 intertwined website's that make up The Cymbals & Snares world grow simultaneuosly. I don't wanna make more out of it than there is , but when a barrier falls it feels good. That's all I got for you tonight my friends just a quick blurb that a very small but important accomplishment has taken place. Thank you all who participate. till next time............. T