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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Hey everyone, This is T , well Labor day is upon us and as the symbolic close of summer has decended upon us. So has another annual right of passage. The Labor Day Sale. I just wanted to let our growing family know that were having one too. Every item we have, Every Cymbal, tom set. Cymbal stand, Snare drum EVERYTHING IS 10% OFF !!! This is probably our most extensive and comprehensive sale we have ever had. If you have been flirting with a purchase This weekend is the time to strike.

This sale just doesn't pertain to the drummers themselves, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Mom & Dads aunt's and Uncles Hell even your cousins Vinnie & Salvatore who are each doin a Nickle at east jersey state got paypals accounts. It's a thing known as presents. It certainly not to early to start shopping for that special someone for Christmas. FYI Cymbals don't go bad or spoil they be fine purchased today for a christmas gift. Not trying to push anyone I just feel obligated to bring up that point.

So If ya get a chance check out our website for some of the best prices on percussion equipment all year. Here is just a small example TKO 7 ply all Maple Piccolo snare, with triple flanged hoop just $120 something. TKO 8100 add on toms $125.00 Evans head packs starting at $ 34.99 !! All Wuhan Cymbal packs on sale including the super popular Mega Pack featuring 8 brilliant finished cymbals and a cymbal bag was $399 now $359 plus Free shipping, What I'm I nuts ?? My shrink said something like that last week.

I want everyone to enjoy your Holiday weekend and if your in the mood to add something to your kit or wanna just by a friend a gift stop by www.cymbalsandsnares.com for some of the absolute lowest rock bottom prices we have offered all year. Till next time T

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  1. Your website is not working..... I really want to pick up the Silken 15" Vintage Crash but it's not on your eBay store and I want to take advantage of the sale. Do you have any idea when you'll be re-stocking? Or if you could help me understand what's up withe the cymbalsandsnares.com website? P.s. You've got anew loyal customer. I respect your mission as a business and beloved you chose some fabulous cymbals, which I had no clue about before you introduced me. I greatly appreciate it. The sooner you help me get one of those crashes the better. Thanks so much!