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Overdrive Cymbals
Overdrive Cymbals T20 Series

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Overdrive Cymbals

Today my friends Cymbals & Snares introduces Overdrive cymbals, This is C&S's own "house" brand of Cymbals. You may or may not realize it but C & S's is not only a retail company but also a wholesale company ( business to business). We are the US distributors for Silken Cymbals, Overdrive cymbals and all Overdrive brand products and we are in discussion's with an overseas drum head company to distribute thier products here in the US. But let me get into some basic about this whole other side of our operations, and give you some info on that.

Cymbals & Snares opened our cyber doors two years ago as a percussion retail business, but from the start I knew that we would eventually get into Wholesaling and hopefully Distributing percussion products. The wholesale/distributing " thing " sorta just happened a short while after our affiliation with Silken Cymbals began. Then another opportunity to retail/wholesale another product arose. We are still working on it. Any good wholesaler has it's own house brand of products. LPD Music has TKO brand, Universal Percussion has several brands under it's belt but It's true "house" brand is Cannon brand. It goes on and on. I knew that if C & S's Drumpire were to really flourish to all it's potential we needed to Wholesale and we needed a house brand.

The first product I wanted to develop was a line of Cymbals. Now there are several ways to go about it. Thier is what is known as re-branding where either you or the company you purchase a certain brand/line of cymbals from removes the original brand and series and is replaced by your own. This is a very common option. We choose the harder and more costly approach, working with our manufacture we gave them specific parameters to adhere to for each type of cymbal. It took quite awhile to finish but we are happy with the results. In looking back we probably jumped the gun by starting with a line of Cymbals, and not just having something re-branded. We're still new and we can error now and again. In the end I'm so happy how Overdrive Cymbals came out I'm glad we did what we did.

Funny how quickly things change. Financially and socially my life was as far away to where I am today as I could ever imagine. Due to unforseen circumstances our product development budget is pretty small at the moment. Hopefully with increased holiday sales we'll be able to start to fund our product development program fully again. We really have some hot Hardware and some pretty trick items comming down the line. Stick around were just getting rolling. T.


  1. Hey T! What's up?

    I am loving the sound of your new cymbals.
    May I make some constructive criticism from the eyes of a designer? I feel that a big part of the BIG3 companies sales could relate to the branding they have done with their companies, as well as the sounds. You definitely have that high-end sound from these cymbals, but you are lacking a brand.

    What about changing the name to CS Customs or T-series ? Get a nice looking logo on there and descriptions of each specific cymbal to allow customers to differentiate between any future lines of cymbals.

    If you can keep prices down on these while offering a professional look, I think you can really go somewhere! I would love to work with you on some designs and maybe setting up a website beyond your eBay store and blogs.

    Here to help,
    • 10 yr. drummer
    • Professional print/web designer

  2. Brock,
    Thanks for the compliments. You are Correct about branding it's the key to any successful company and/or product. It's one of the things we have been trying to do with C & S since the start. Overdrive is the brand and it's funny but just tonight I responded to a question on our You Tube page that I was starting to favor T20 as the name of the first overdrive series. Our Intention from the very start was to develop a first rate high end sounding cymbal and sell it at an intermediate price range. What I said tonight and what you suggest are eerily similar. Brock I absolutely wouldn't mind exploring the possibility of working on our website with you. We've had a few starts and stops with some really bad webdesign companies. If your serious Send me your contact info at our future Business email address. Cymbalsandsnares@yahoo.com At minumum send me a few telephone numbers I can reach you at. Who better to help me design and build a website than a Web designing Drummer. We absolutely will discuss collaberating on a website. If you could include some address's of websites you have already done. I'd like to see your work. Looking foward to talking to you. T.