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Friday, October 8, 2010

Columbus Day !! Score one for the Eye- Talians !!

How youz doin tonight ?

T here. Before I really get rolling I just thought I'd throw these useless statistics at you. Although this C & S blog has only 10 subscribers as of yet, Our You Tube channel just broke 200 subscribers last week With friends included it brings the number to a total of 245 subscribers. Add the 10 loyalist from this Blog , and we get 255 not bad at all so far considering we really only got both of these two sites under the company banner in the last 8 months. So effectively those figures represent 8 months worth of activeity, I say this not to laud any accomplishments this may represent. I just think to me it's gratifying to see so many drummers in just a short time climb on board the "Other Name Brand " bandwagon. I also think it's cool when a company/person/blogwriters or whatever share some info back with the people who stop by and read a blog. This blog is now read on average 500 times a month. September 2010 we set a new "Views" record, recording a total of 797 views.Our You Tube Channel has just shy of 99,000 downloads. Not too shabby for 8 months, operating as a true ancillary site for C& S's Ebay store.

I quote stuff like this from time to time, Because I know when I go for example to a drum forum. I get inquisative about the stats of that site , how many people have been here ? Am I alone ? I dunno I just find stuff like that interseting. Perhaps you do also. I find these statistics particularly gratifying because as I stated earlier it's nice to see an idea or concept that you yourself are working on or developing , being embraced by other drummers. Continuing with my useless statistics Our blog is most popular in the following countries The United States, Australia, Russia, Peru, United kingdom, Costa Rica and Luxembourg. That's right Luxembourg, For those of you who are unsure of where luxembourg is it's one of Europe's smallest countries wedged in between Germany and France. One of the things about running a Internet business is the far reach it has.

Later this weekend I will post a complete rundown on what exactly has transpired In the HACK/ATTACK of last month. T.

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