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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hacking Fallout & Repercussions

Hello Everyone,

This is T writing to you again. I gotta admit I'm down in the dumps today. This Hack Attack we suffered was a major blow to us. We haven't yet fully recovered from it. We are still behind in our shipping primarily because our Paypal account was emptied. It's hard to ship product when your funds are so low. Luckily we have secured a loan to get us through this dark gloomy period of C & S history. The problem is we don't get our cash for 2 more week, In business Two weeks can be an eternity. We have done the proper thing and informed all of our customers. Most have been great and more than understanding, a few however don't care in the slightest. They ordered a product from us and they want it--- period. I can't blame them but giving the set of extenuating circumstances you'd think most people would be at minimum understanding. Sadly some are not.

I think that's what bothers me most not being able to do anything about it. I'm just sitting waiting for our loan to come through. I'm just sitting waiting to be able to ship out people's purchases. It's really frustrating. I don't like negative feedback's let's face it who does ? I get allot of customers who mention our feedback approval rating as one of the reasons they purchased from us. It's important to maintain a good feedback rating. Now I wouldn't mind half as much if these negatives came our way because of something we did. I could accept the fact we screwed up and live with that, But to get negative feedback's because of a situation beyond our control is very irritating. It really pisses me off.

Our feedback is more than good, in fact I would go so far as to say many companies would love to have our feedback. Not for our 99% approval rating but more so the comments people leave for us. It's really gratifying to send someone out their purchases knowing you've sold them a quality product at a good price. It's part of the business I enjoy immensely. However when circumstances like the one we are dealing with interferes with the operation it's extremely upsetting, for both the customer and US. I cannot stand shipping stuff late. Especially when the circumstances are beyond our control. This Hack ATTACK is clearly a set back For C & S, We will undoubtedly get a few negative feedback's. On your Ratings section they stick out like a sore thumb and in the short run they will hurt us in the long run who knows ?

So you get an idea and you work hard trying to make it a reality. Like most things success doesn't come overnight. It comes one sale at a time, one customer at a time. You look for products making sure they pass muster. You list them fill the description in, Take your hi-quality photo's and make a video and you do this over and over. At the end of the day you price your product so people can afford it, so you can be competitive with other stores and hopefully turn a profit. Then after doing this for better than two years someone comes along and in one fell swoop literally destroys what you have built. To say I'm pissed off, frustrated or aggravated is an understatement. You can start at F'n livid and go from there. It is so debilitating mentally and physically you really are lost.

A soldier plows on which I plan to do. I cannot stop now, I won't throw in the towel despite what has happened. I'll deal with the negative feedback's and deal with the fallout from unhappy customers. It's just so aggravating that circumstances beyond my control were the root of the problem. Everything has new passwords, Our tech who helped us out of this mess has added a second layer of security, But I'm sure a determined hacker will bust through that. However I suspect this was a pseudo inside job so I don't think most hackers would bother with our site. It's not like there's a pot of gold waiting for them and this ain't the other side of the rainbow. I think after the dust settles and things finally clear up we should be okay. It's gonna take a little more than a Hacking to put us down for the count. I am determined to continue to build my company to it's full potential and nothing or know one is going to stop us. Thanks everyone T.

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