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Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Tube Channel Breaks 100,000 views !!!

T here,

This is gonna be a quick one almost a blog-ette. As part of our efforts to build a nice drumming community online and increase our visibility and web presence. We knew we needed more than just a retail site. So back in February we started a Blog and a C & S You Tube channel. These avenues allow us to communicate in a more personal an indepth manner than possible with our Ebay store and until we get our own proprietary website ( where we can do anything) these sites are a godsend.

We decided right from the start that our YT channel wouldn't be just an ancillary site for C & S, we would allow all comments to be published with no censorship. A place where drummers can say what's on their mind. Unless a comment is derogatory or inflamatory in it's nature unless it critiseises someone personally other than me, we would let them stand on their own. It has proved quite successful.

We now have just under 120 video's on our channel. It has really begun to build quite a following with just under 250 subscribers and friends. Today we reached a milestone by breaking the 100,000 Views/hits mark. That is in just 8 months. I guess we must be doing something right. I'd like to thank everyone for making C & S's YT channel a rousing success. For me a total vindication that I'm on the right path and I assure all of you the very best is yet to come. Thank You everyone. T. president, Cymbals & Snares

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