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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Holidays are Coming.

Hey dear friends ,
T here As we approach the upcoming holiday season I cannot feel a little apprehensive. The Hack Attack of September 28th has kinda left me a little unnerved. We are still dealing with the fallout from that. Our tech who has helped repair our system believes we either caught a virus or one was intentionally installed. Suddenly our Ebay store's email is not working. We have not received a single email in 3 days, I thought it was very very odd the other morning when I went to check our overnight emails and we had none. Not a single one, This has never happened. We are way to big a company to not get one email overnight. We get a ton of emails everyday. Not to receive a single one was odd to say the least. I soon realized we had yet another problem. Ebay and our tech are working as I type to correct this situation.

Enough about the hacking I'm sick of talking about it. let talk about what's coming up for the holiday season. We should have a much larger inventory than we did last year. Curently, we stock between 100-120 items at any one time. We should be at at least 150 products for you guys to choose from. We will have Wuhan's entire offerings every China and every New Traditional they are offering. We will have more Diril Cymbals Bringing in Almost the entire D & Ice series. Hopefully we will have our First order of Overdrive cymbals in by then, Our Silken selection may be a little sparse It's looking like Silken won't be able to ship our new order until January. But were gonna make a push for at least a small portion to be delivered to us for Christmas. That's really the only potential bummer for the holidays.

We have just reached a deal with a foreign manufacture of Drum heads to be their exclusive US distributor. We will have them in for the holidays, these are high quality drum heads and we will be offering these with a special introductory price because we want everyone to try these heads. They are easily on par with anything currently on the market. We are very excited to work with this company when we receive in hand our first order we will announce the name of this brand. Along with Silken and Overdrive this makes the third product we are the exclusive US distributors for. We are going to kick our wholesale division into gear after the first of the year.

We will also be bringing in a more extensive line of student products, practice pads, metronomes and various other things the aspiring drummers needs. We will also be expanding our hardware selection for the holidays. We have been working for sometime with a drum manufacture developing a line of snare drums, we are in the final stages of development and will be placing our initial order by the end of the month. They will be marketed under our own " Overdrive" brand. Hopefully they will be ready for the holiday season. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the goings on here at C & S. Thanks everyone until next time. T.


  1. T! Come va? Luiggi here! Too bad your Silken order is delayed :( I've wanting the 8" and 10" splashes for a while now, but I never got my money :( Chances are that I will be getting paid soon so I can buy those splashes from you, but I wanted to save in shipping maybe ordering a Sebring 18" china as well, but I guess you don't have that china in stock. Anyway, Im kinda scared about the whole idea of buying online, Im not sure if my local postal service would charge any fee. I think it charges fee for items that are 100$ + Anyways, T, I had a bad week like you, but hopefully things will work out. Do you have any splash clamp (those things you clamp to a cymbal boom to mount a splash :D )

  2. Luiggi,
    Bene Grazi !! As far as your postal service charging a fee for products over $100 I could always make a " Mistake" and put a lower dollar figure on the paper work. < wink> I'll check for those clamps we had a bunch earlier in the year I'll see if we still have some. T