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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cymbals & Snares pulls a hatrick this week !!

August, a virtual dead sea in retailing for us and many other business's it's the slowest month of the year. Many indie's and small mom & pop shop if they take a vacation and close up shop for a week or two it will be in August. It's the biggest vacation month of the year. One last shot at relaxation before the kids head back to school and the inevitable march towards holiday madness and mayhem ensue's. Unless your in a tourist area or your a general merchadiser like Target , Sears or Walmart who do alot of back to school business August sucks for sales.

This year we repeated our stategy for dealing with this in our 2nd annual DOG DAZE OF SUMMER SALE. It worked rather well. Our sales were up over last August but we also have a whole lot more going on than we did last year at this time. We have You Tube, We have this Blogger and we have more inventory. So for us in a year to year comparison we did satisfactry business. Our store traffic was up by more than double and page views at our store were more than triple.

For the first time last week all three sign on list we have ,one for our stores mailing list a blogger subscriber list and our You Tube subscriber list all added members. Two of the three always seem to add a subscriber or two. One will add a bunch another maybe just one the third will be dead. Last week a barrier of sorts was smashed as we saw enrollment lets call it at all three sites rise for the first time together. Kinda cool atleast from our perspective. Putting in time and effort to try and create good solid content for our fellow drummers and watching all 3 intertwined website's that make up The Cymbals & Snares world grow simultaneuosly. I don't wanna make more out of it than there is , but when a barrier falls it feels good. That's all I got for you tonight my friends just a quick blurb that a very small but important accomplishment has taken place. Thank you all who participate. till next time............. T

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