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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 4th of July / Summer update

Hey everybody, wanna wish everyone a safe and happy fourth of July. For the Drummers out there just use Fireworks safely, We don't need any 9 finger drummers !! Well quite a bite has transpired in the last few weeks so let me bring ( like we say in jersey) youz guyz up to date.
Our own proprietary website is getting close to completion. We have some really very cool and competent people working on it. Everything that's available on our Ebay store will be available in our own store. We probably will have more checkout options. Along with Paypal which is what we use on our Ebay store were looking into google checkout also. We want to make purchasing a product from Cymbals & Snares as easy as possible.
Our Site will eventually include sections for Product reviews, lessons, Customer submitted video's and a Drum Forum. We are looking to build a one stop shop Drum Portal. In other matters of interest C & S has moved into Wholesaling we are making our first wholesale sale of Silken Cymbals over the next week or two. A drumshop in Washington state has informed us of their intention's of adding Silken Cymbals to their product offerings and are formulating their first order from us. It was our intention from the start to become a full service retailer/wholesaler/ distributor and now it's a reality. We will begin to pound the pavement looking for additional stores to add Silken to their product mix.
We have reached an agreement and have been granted an exclusive territory with a brand new Drumhead company. Since we have reached and an agreement in principal and only verbally we are going to refrain for the moment from making an official announcement and naming the company. We expect to formalize our agreement within the next two weeks. When we do and make our deal official, we will give you guys all the details. We will not only be retailing these heads but also wholesaling them, Continued expansion of our wholesale division will just make for a stronger over all company.
In addition to the deal mentioned above we have been in touch with Meinl Cymbals about the possibility of Cymbals & Snares being added to their list of retailers. There are however some issue's with Meinl that need to be addressed and worked out before this can happen. If it does we will announce it here of course. Ideally we would like to bring Meinl's products for the 2010-2011 holiday season. If we can come to an agreement, Meinl would be the largest Cymbal company we are prepared to carry. Since they are in many peoples eye's the really "Big Company" alternative to the BIG3. Fear not Friends Cymbals & Snares has no intention of selling out and carrying the big boys product lines. We have been since day 1 and will always be the " Home of the Other Name Brands". That's our niche and will never change.
We have also been in contact with Aquarian drum heads and would very much like to add them to our product line. I personally love their Super Kick II Bass Drum head. They are one of the smaller Drum head makers which of course is a perfect match for us. We will see if we can work out an agreement with Aquarian. That's really most of the concrete news to report. Like always there's more in the works but we will let you know when it's more appropriate. So keep playing and until next time T. President, Cymbals & Snares


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