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Friday, June 4, 2010

ATTACK Drumheads worth checking out.

Hello again everyone. It's everyone's fav Internet Percussion retailor/wholesaler/entrepeneur T here. One great thing about being a Percussionist is that they're really are endless things to speak about. Always something new to learn , Limitless possibilities on how to set your kit up , what kind of Cymbals to use what brands to use . A double kick pedal or a double bass kit ? It just goes on and on I so love our instrument there's litterally hundreds if not thousands of different style drumheads to choose from. If you tried it probably would take you years if you could even do it to try out all the possible drumheads for your kit. Which brings us to todays topic Drumheads. Just picture me screaming that last paragraph out at the top of my lungs. If nothing else I'm very enthusiastic about selling drums.
We are going to discuss ATTACK brand drumheads. ATTACK is one of the smaller Top 4 brands of drumheads available in the US Market. Since Cymbals & Snares is the " Home of the Other Name Brands" We had to look into these guys to see what they offered. At the moment we have a smattering of Remo heads and a bigger selection of Evans but our largest selection by far is ATTACK heads. That should tell you something. To put it simply they are excellent heads. Since a cardinal rule at C & S is we will not sell a product we wouldn't use, These often overlooked Drumheads are no exception. They are well made good looking and absolutely the most importantly great sounding. Let me share with you my recent experience with ATTACK heads.
Speaking with one of our sales rep's we were conversing about drumheads. I mentioned I needed to change out my snare heads He asked if we still had any ATTACKS Terry Bozzio Signature snare packs in stock, I replied we did indeed. He told me that's what he used and he absolutely loved it, he recomended I try them out. So I grabbed a pack on the way home and changed out my heads. Just looking at the heads comming out of the box I was really impressed. Nice sturdy good looking well built head. The coating was applied perfectly and evenly. I did the tap test which produced a nice warm resonation. I was getting pumped. The TB snare pack comes with a single ply coated batter head and a thin clear snare side head. My personal prefrence is a single ply head for my snare and a 2 ply for my toms. Your personal prefrences are as good as mine. It's simply a personal choice.
After a quick and easy tune up I finally began to play that head It sounded great. I currently am using a 14x5.5 Mapex Mars series snare nothing fancy but a nice snare drum none the less. It never sounded so good. I can't tell you how impressed I am with these heads. ATTACK use proprietary technology and boasts there "Glueless Locking collar" is garaunteed to hold the drumhead perfectly tight and not let it slip out of the collar. They also claim there coating last longer and holds up better than any other brand. Well after using this head for several months I am begining to believe all their claims. That's not just some slick advertising lingo. After a quick break in period and some periodic retuning the heads really seem to hold there tone quite nicely. Of course that is partly due to having my kit in a climate controlled enviroment. When I was a teenager I had my kit in a uninsulated garage the weather played havic with my heads.
My Conclusions are as far as their snare heads go the TB sig heads are outstanding. I get an great crack when I hit them. You guys know exactly what I'm talking about God that feels great. Excellent responce and projection from the heads with an underlying warm full bodied sound, not hollow or harsh sounding at all. I am so very happy with these heads. Let's face it your snare drum is the heart of your kit. Getting good quality drumheads are critical. One of the nicest things about ATTACK heads, they are probably the least expensive heads on the market. Just a nice perc to boot. So the next time your looking for a new snare head which you should replace every 6 months or so at minumum once a year Walk past the Remo's and the Evans and give ATTACK a shot I think you'll really like what you hear. Click on the highlighted link below and watch the Video of me demonstrating my ATTACK snare heads. Till next time ---- T . I have no Idea what has happened here so work with me. Check out The video at this address it's
www.youtube.com/ILDUCE61 There's lot's of other goodies for you too feast your eyes on. " Note to self learn how to Blog before starting Blog "


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