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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well another memorial day weekend is upon us. That glorious American invention the 3 day weekend is upon us. They'll be picnic's, Barbeque's, impromdu cookout's perhaps even a sperm of the moment trip down the shore. Who knows what is in store for you this weekend.

For me I already know. My invitations to the parties must have gotton lost in the mail. So they'll be no picnics, or barbies for me this weekend, I have decided to give my kit a good cleaning. I have some cymbal stackers I wanna add. I also want to swap out a few of my cymbals and perhaps reconfigure some of my set up. I also want to lubricate my double kick pedal ( it;s got a little but noticable squeek) When your doing studio work that kinda noise is absolutelty forbbiden. Better to address the issue now than at a studio that charges $75 pr Hr while you fix something you knew you needed to adress.

Depending how motivated I am I may begin to polish and clean my kit. Nothing like the toms sparkling and the chrome shinning. Cymbal stands gleaming and the cymbals blemish free. It is a sight to behold. Were gonna do another poll. I think polls are an excellent way of getting some two way conversation going between yours Truly and my blog readers.

The only hassle about cleaning and or tunning my kit is that it is gigantic. In Fact this is the largest kit I have ever used. I currently have 13 toms , 22 cymbals ( more when I'm done today) a double kick pedal I have another single kick pedal for a cowbell. I have both a standard and remote cable HH. When you really get into cleaning a monstrocity like that it's a commitment. There is a certain satisfaction you get from having your instrument sparkle. It's like when you clean your car it seems to run better. Drum's are the same way clean your kit and the Aurua of the living things a kit is made up from rapture in a harmonic confluence and that exersize you were having trouble with is gone poof!!

Anyway gonna go do some parradidles with my feet for a little bit and then I'm gonna start to work on my kit. You guys have a great weekend and until next time T