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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring is Here !!

Hey Everyone It's T, President of Cymbals & Snares with our latest blog. Everytime I make a post I always says were gonna start to blog a few times a month. I haven't quite lived up to that promise but I assure you I'm working on it. Our Ebay store and our YOU TUBE channel really keep me busy. Plus I'm not gonna elaborate but things in my personal life have seen better days, None the less Blogger is a excellent platform for keeping Our customers, Newsletter subscribers, YT subscribers and freinds updated about the goings on of everyone's favorite Internet percussion site Cymbals & Snares.
We ended the first quarter of 2010 very strong. Our numbers were up signifigantly over 2009. However sales in the opening weeks of the second quarter were a little slower than we'd like, but as the weather starts to break we confident sales will pick up. We've signed up with a new vendor TMP inc. Our first products from them are " On Stage" drumsticks. These are an excellent line of stick's. Available in a variety of weights and sizes as well as wood types. Hickory select, Maple and North American Hickory these are very comprable to bigger name brand sticks but at C & S their far cheaper. Check them out. TMP also carries various brands of drum mic's. We are currently working with our sales rep to figure out which ones we will be stocking.
Our Website is comming. I know you've heard this before. This time we have signed a contract with a very reputable local web design/hosting company who will begin development of our own proprietary website. Were very excited about this. This will not effect our Ebay operation at all. It will join our Ebay store,our YOU TUBE site and of course our Blogger site in the C & S family of sites. We are building our company and Internet presence one site at a time. This will be a key addition and will be by the end of the year our flagship site. We will keep you updated as the site develops.
In a constant effort to bring you new product's we at C & S are constantly evaluating and talking to new companies. Look for a re-newed Taye drums presence by early summer as well as several new companies products C & S will be carrying. We don't wanna tip our hat just yet because until we sign the contract ain't nothin a done deal. Our main focus is to get spring sales moving and our number one priority over the next month to six weeks is to get our Website up and running. So we will be pretty busy. That's gonna be all for this Blog look for our next one sometime around the May 22nd. Thanks everyone T.

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