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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Surgery is getting close

Hey Gang ! It's T. My surgery draws closer and a little more nervouse I get. Don't get me wrong I don't think I'm gonna die, but there's just something about getting sliced opened and having a few feet of intestines removed just doesn't sit well with me now, as long as this helps my chronic stomach issue's it will all be worth while.

In yesterdays post I aplogised profusely to the customers who's products shipment has been delayed. Once again I feel compelled to do so again. I only hope all those effected are understanding. When we opened shop one of the things I really wanted to do was have lightning fast shipment. While the vast majority of our packages do leave our facility quickly, when they do not I really take it to heart. I have decided that at minumum a part timer who can fill in when I'm not here and is capable of filling and shipping orders on his own is a must. We've gotten to big for just one guy.

Now a little update about what's directly ahead of Cymbals & Snares. The biggest development of course is our own website. I spoke at lenght to the owner of the company today and they are ready to go, so this weekend sometime I will meet with the design team to discuss layout, color combinations all kinds of cool stuff. I'm getting really excited about this, Our own website will be at the center of the Cymbals & Snares universe.

Product wise you will see an expansion of cannon and TKO stands. Both companies are a bit under the radar but they make excellent quality stands and gear. They are one of the classic "Other Name brands" we speak of. Great quality and very affordable pricing. The presence of Taye will increase we will be adding entry level snares along with some of their mid-range snares. We also will be carrying once again Taye's innovative Snare " Boom" stand along with some of their award winning bass drum pedals. We are not gonna announce the addition of any new products until we have them in. But keep checking our Blog for once a box is delivered we will announce the Brand and or product. We are looking for an exciting summer and fall selling seasoned. Be good everyone Till next time T

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