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Overdrive Cymbals
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Audience, building one durmmer at a time

Good Morning everyone! Today C & S hit a milestone of sorts, Our you tube channel hit 200 friends and subscribers overnight. Compared to many you tube channels that's nothing, but were not talking about any channel were were talking about ours. That's something I'm pretty proud of, after all weve only been up and running for 6 months. Technically weve got a year under our belt but for the first six months we were a channel in name only. No Video's no content nothing.

We were using a pic hosting site that didn't allow for inbedding of Video's on our Ebay store. One day a friend suggested I incorporate our you tube site as our pic hosting site and embed our video's into out listings. This way potential buyers never leave your site. It was a great idea and we never looked back. After we started to develope our You tube site and add content, we almosy instantly began to attract followers.

Alot of our content is unique brands you normally don't see are suddenly alive in front of you. It's as if drummers were waiting for this channel to come along. Our Video's are different than most drum video's. There a little longer, we get more into explaining about the cymbal from it's alloy make up to it's sound to it's finish. We try not to just sit there and play a pattern on a ride we like to talk about the ride and highlight any unique and interesting sttributes it may have.

When we first started Cymbals & Snares I honestly had no idea where it was gonna go. Deep down inside I knew it was a marketable I dea. I knew if we positioned ourselfves properly in the market place we could go somewhere and we have. There's been some mistakes along the way and they'll be more. It's the kinds thing that you learn as you go, and were learning. One thing is for sure if we've attracted over 200 pe0ple in six motnhs to out You Tube site, our Blogger sute and our store newsletter we nust be doing something right. Now if we can just figure out what it is...... Till Next time T

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