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Overdrive Cymbals
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 years old

It was a year ago we opened our virtual doors. Our first day in business saw a total of 8 people visit our store. Once at our site they had a total of 5 cymbals to check out. Our opening day inventory included 3 splash, and 2 china cymbals. they were all Wuhan brand to boot. Not exactly what I had envisioned, but we were open for business and nothing would ever be the same.

Over the last year we have grown from 5 listings to about 100 ( as an average) We carry an extensive inventory of 3 brands of cymbals 3 brands of drums and atleast a dozen assorted other brands for specialty items such as heads, sticks ,snarewires ect,ect. It has been both a learning and growing experience for us. We are greatly looking foward to our second year in business and completeing our first calander year ( 2009).

We have big plans for the up comming year. We've already begun to incorporate these social networking sites into our overall web presence. Like Blogger for instance. We have a presence on myspace and facebook is next. Finally we plan to get our own proprietary website within the next few months. This is something were very excited about. It will feature it's own drummers forums, lessons, drumming tips, product reviews and of course a store.

All in all we think our first year has been a success judging from our feedback people overall seem to be happy with our products and our customer service. We aim to keep it going.It's hard for us to believe we've been in business one year already, but we have and we are really excited about our second year. We'd like to thank everyone who has patronised our store and help make it the success that it is. We look foward to the up comming year it's going to be a very exciting one. T

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