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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wave from the East --- Silken Cymbals

If nothing else the Chinese are probably the most pragmatic people on the planet. If something isn't working they change it. With their economy moribund the worlds most populated communist nation did what no Marxist state would ever think of doing. It became capitalist, ( sort of ) and in doing so set off an economic boom felt around the world. Industry after industry would feel the unbridled enthusiasm of a people who's work ethic and ingenuity lay stiffled under decades of one of the worst aspects of the communist economic model centralized planning.

Your saying that's all well and good T, but what has this got to do with cymbals ? Everything !! The explosion of private manufacturing has ushered in a period that I personally believe will be the beginning of a Renaissance of Chinese Cymbal production. The strides that the Chinese cymbal makers have made in just the last 5 years is astonishing. Until then the only good quality cymbals to come from china were Wuhan's (Universal supervised) china's. Their western style cymbals left much to be desired.

An absolute perfect example of the "new" Chinese cymbal companies is Silken Cymbals. Under the leadership of Master Cymbal smith Chengken Silken produces Cymbals that are easily on par with it's American, European and Turkish counterparts. The Chinese are a quick study from sheet brass stamped cymbals sold on kits at sears and walmart to hand made B20 bronze high end cymbals in 10 years is pretty amazing. For those of you who doubt Silken is the proof.

Originally making gongs and supplying blanks to companies like the euro uber cymbal maker Paiste Chengken decided it was time for him and his company to enter the cymbal market with it's own brand. Originally marketed under a different name, the name Silken was adopted last year and since then there's been no looking back. Silken Cymbals are not manufactured they are created. From some of the best B20 bronze available today it is reported that bronze is created in batches as small as 1 gallon at a time to ensure the resulting alloy is absolutely an 80/20 mixture guaranteeing the bronze is exactly B20 all this done under the watchful eye of chengken.

It is often said a poor cymbal comes from a "bad pour" at Silken that ain't happenin. Each cymbals is completely handmade from as we've already established B20 bronze. Considered by many to be the premium alloy for cymbal making because of it's superior sonic characteristics and Musical tonalities. The cymbals themselves are hand cast, hand hammered, lathed, shaved and buffed resulting in a one of a kind instrument who's voice is of a unified theme, But each posses it's own uniqueness and individuality. No mass produced cymbals here.

Silkens are both visually and sonically pleasing. Just look how nice the pics of the ones are we posted. You can see the craftsmanship and care that has gone into each one. The splashes are explosive with a nice aggressive attack and a quick decay exactly what you want in a splash/accent cymbal. Silken currently offers 4 lines something to please everyone. At the moment Cymbals & Snares is offering 2 the Vintage series a dark , smoky almost brooding sounding line of cymbals very K ish in sound and reminiscent of the cymbals of the 1960's. We also carry the Hansun line clearly made for rock they are brighter and peppier the crashes are aggressive in attack and classic in sound while the rides have a clearly defined bright ping allowing for excellent stick articulation.

Our next order which we will complete in a few days will include a number of cymbals from Silkens other 2 lines the Jazz and Dark energy for obviously our jazz and alternative customers. As well as more of the Hansun and Vintage series. One of the best things about Silkens is their price. They are so competitively priced the BIG3 had better watch themselves or they will wind up like Detroit. Cymbals & Snares prides itself as being the "home of the other name brand" and Silken fits our corporate philosophy perfectly. Offering products who's quality is at least equal too or exceeds the larger brands but who's price is often lower. Bringing Drummers the world over the best possible value for their money. Silken cymbals are clearly some of the "best of the rest"

Companies like Silken shatter the price to value ratio in cymbals. Price is simply no longer a barometer to quality. The Chinese can bring excellent quality Cymbals to the west at good prices because the cost of living is lower. It's that simple. Silkens are inexpensive by western standards but they are not cheap. There's a huge difference. As President of Cymbals & Snares I am overjoyed to add Silkens to our product offerings. I know every time we sell one a drummer somewhere has just purchased a great looking great sounding cymbal, and who's value may be unparalleled in the Cymbal market at the moment.

I encourage everyone to visit us at www.cymbalsandsnares.com and check out our Silken offerings. Each listing has an in depth description of the cymbal and has a Audio/video presentation of that cymbal. You get to see and hear it before you buy it. In closing I am very enthusiastic about Silkens future as a major cymbal player there just too good and priced perfectly for a newer company entering the US market. For alot of Drummers the jury is still out for Chinese cymbals in general. With the quality chengken turns out of his factory, Silkens can only help tip the balance in their favor. Until next time keep rocking T.


  1. Wow love the cymbals you have!!! I really want to get the 15" Silken Vintage Crash but you don't have it on your eBay store and your website "www.cymbalsandsnares.com" is not working. My browser say it doesn't exist. Can you please help me out? I was to get this cymbal ASAP. Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful companies!

  2. i saw and tried the SILKEN at the NAMM and pretty impressed having the fact that endorsing K ,s then Istanbul AGOP .
    these company did a very good job i bought a pair of hi hats and nobody could tell the difference between the PAISTE 2002 i always use and these $69.00 hi hat i bought
    'they sound like 300 dollars if you did not try it i suggests to check ,m out