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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cymbals & Snares "Home to the Other Name Brand"

Being that this is our debut on blogger we would stick to the basic's and simply introduce ourself's, our goals and what we are all about. We are an internet Percussion company. We carry a full line of merchandise for the drummer in your family. I know big deal right? There's a ton of Musician retail sites out there, what makes are's different ? Well I'm glad I asked that.
As a active musician for 30 years I have alot of experience in my field. Quite frankly the brick and Mortar stores over the last few years have begun to change considerably. The rise of the catagory killers ( Sam ash and Guitar Center to name the two biggies) have single handedly changed instrument retailing, and IMO not for the good. Yes they have good prices, yes they have larger selections than your average independent shop. But they also bring a corprate mentality to Instrument retailing that didn't exsist to the level it now does.
With the rise of the mega retailer comes the decline of the Independent retailer. There also comes a decline in competition and for any industry that is really bad news. Over the last several years the number of brands that are available at B&M stores has declined. The Mega retailers carry only the mega brands that dominate the instrument scene. There by reducing my choices in product catagories to only a few. With less competition also comes a decline in Customer service.
It use to be I knew the drum department managers at my local SA & GC and most of the sales staff that worked there. Sadley that is no more. Everytime I walk into one of those places there's all new faces. Any chance on developing a long term working relationship with store personal doesn't exsist any longer. There's no rapport. Percussion sales are slightly different than regular retail. A relationship with a drum manager is critical to your shopping experience. You will return time and time again to purchase replacement parts ( sticks, heads) to upgrade your equipment Cymbals, hardware hell even a new kit. Today it's all about the single sale, it's all about upselling customers stuff they don't need. The Corporate number crunchers are running the show.
So we decided to start Cymbals & Snares a internet drum shop that would specialise in smaller up and comming and newer brands. Who's quality is atleast equal to or better than the uberbrands that dominate the drum market today. Who's pricing is generally lower than it's big name competitors and if it's not lower you get way more for your money than you would with a lager established brand. We want to establish long term relationships with drummers, because as drummers ourselves we know how important that relationship is. We are far less intrested in doing one big deal with you than having you come to us for all your drumming needs year after year. We know things break, we know technology changes, we know style changes including your personal style. We want to be there to service you through all of that.
Our brand selection is unique we don't carry brands that are different just to be different. We carry brands that provide a drummer with a quality product that usually will save them money. A brand we carry must meet our specifications for quality, durability, uniqueness and of course pricing. So far the drumming community has responded well our tag line " Home of the Other Name brands" has hit a note in the drumming community so I know were on to something.
A quick rundown of some of the brands we carry are: Drums- Taye, Cannon, Peace and TKO. Cymbals- Wuhan, Silken and Diril. Drumheads- evans, remo ,Attack and Aquarian. and various other products, Purseound, HQ, Headbanger the list goes on and on. Currently we have an ebay store our own proprietary website is being worker on and hopefully in the next month or two we will launch that in addition to our Ebay store.
We are striving to create a web portal that is a truly one stop shop for percussionist. We will do product reviews, have a drummers forum, video lessons and of course the store. In addition we are looking to expand our web presence like having a prescence on Blogger and some bigger social sites. Here on blogger we will post product reviews and our views about overall trends in the drum industry. If we succed at educating drummers to be better comsumers at least here we feel were making a positive contribution. If you get a chance visit our site We think you'll enjoy it. www.cymbalsandsnares.com Thank you T.

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