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Sunday, August 23, 2009

250 feedbacks so far so good, we think

Feedbacks are a great way to gauge sellers integrity. Especially if your looking to purchase a higher end item. When Cymbals & Snares first opened our doors we intentionally kept the items we stocked to lower and mid priced items, Not quality mind you just pricing. Figuring we needed to establish oursleves as a reliable, honest company before bringing in much more expensive items. It's a strategy we think has paid off.

We didn't consider bringing in full size drum kits, higher end cymbals until we reached well over 100 positive feedbacks. To us at 100 feedbacks especially in a few months show's potential buyers this is a company that is serious a company that is looking to grow a company that is trying to establish itself in the online market place. In actuality we waited till we hit 150 positives before we expanded into the already mentioned items.

We have only one negative feedback sometimes it bothers me sometimes it doesn't. It's virtually impossible to please everyone. I have a freind who is the most demanding consumer on the face of the planet. He's arrogant, obnoxious I would never want him as a customer. Thank god he doesn't play drums. The point being any complaint he has about any company he deals with ( and he complains about every company he deals with) you gotta take it with a grain of salt. Our negative feedback boils down to the fact we inadvertantly sent a customer the wrong cymbal. He was from spain spoke no english we had no idea what the nature of his complaint was. Finally we got an email stating in just one line of english "dosen't look like picture". We thought is that all ? Now we offered to send the correct cymbal to spain at our cost told him to keep the other cymbal as a way to apologies for our mix up and we got zero responce.

Now how many companies would do that ? Not tooting out own horn but honestly very few companies would be so accomodating. What did we get for our effort ? a negative feedback. Oh well. As potential buyers checking someones feedback should be part of every transaction. Would you rather spend a few dollars more on a cymbal or drums from us or from someone who has shakey feedback ? Or how about someone who sells whatever they have accumulated from antique bottles to old magazines in amongst his items are some drums he's come across. Both companies have equal feedback who are you gonna by from ? The company that specialises in drums of course !!

We just hit 250 feedbacks and were proud of that. Of course we've had as many customers not leave any feedback at all. Ebay should really address that issue. Why not say they're automatic positives with not responce or something. If a person has an issue they'll let you know. Most times a satisfied customers don't do anything but enjoy there prodcut. Were looking foward to hitting 500 feedbacks and when we do we'll revisit the feedback issue. T

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