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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stands, Pedals & Other Hardware

Good Morning Everyone,
                                              It's a cold dark and rainy morning here in Jersey, Perfect morning for a blog entry. I figured I would update you on our product selection this Morning. I was looking at a double cymbal stand from Pearl yesterday, It was beautiful and well made. ( Only a drummer could think a Cymbal stand was beautiful Right ?) Then I looked at the price take $179.00 !! Yikes ! Holy Shit I exclaimed to myself. That is a lot of money for a stand. I was checking it out for a reason, C & S is doing a major expansion into the hardware arena. It's probably our weakest area, One section of drumming that is poorly represented. That is about to change.
        We just got a delivery in from TKO. This company has long been associated with entry level drums and Hardware But late last year they introduced their 1200 series stands. These things are unbelievable for the money. Sturdy, well built double dipped chroming, Euro style on off  switches replace the normal wingnut tightening system , double braced there's really nothing to not like on these stands. The best part ?? The price their top of the line 1206 Boom stand with a telescopic lens and large counterweight so even your largest most precious cymbals are safe tops out at $79.00 retail. IMO it's a deal and a half. There are alot of inexpensive stands on the Internet and Ebay, be very careful because you often get what you pay for.

       We should have most of the 1200 series listed by the weekend. Anyone looking for stands whether it's a straight stand or boom should give these a good looking at. They are a fantastic value as is there entire 1200 series. We like variety and so we also will be bringing in Cannon's 800 series and Howitzer line of stands and bass drum pedals. Like TKO's both of these line bring excellent quality and value to the drumming community. There bass drum pedals in particular are single or double chained and have precise and smooth fluid like movement. These Pedals can compete with the big name brands in their categories very easily. Both TKO and Cannon offer great double bass pedals for under $200. This presents to every drummer a very affordable way to expand his capabilities by incorporating a double kick into his playing.

       We can't leave out a mention of Taye drums. Taye who's drums are without question great. It also makes really nice hardware. In fact they have some really neat innovative hardware that you won't find anywhere else. Their Snare " Boom" stand is just one example. Other companies have attempted this type of stand but Taye has mastered it. The boom extends far enough and is stable enough to place your double kick pedals connecting bar INSIDE of the snare drum stand alleviating a real nightmare for alot of drummers including myself. No more trying to get the pedal configuration just right. Now there's nothing blocking it. I swear by that stand. What a great little idea. It has really had an impact on how I set my snare/hi-hat combo. My double kick is infinitely more comfortable. So look for some great selections in stands this holiday season.       T

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