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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

Hey Everybody,
                           T here, Just wanted to fire off a quick blog and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. So far this hasn't been the best year for Cymbals & Snares. I was sick and need a few surgeries in May/June which seriously sidetracked the company. My personal life completely crumbled with the separation and pending Divorce from my wife. The Hack Attack of September is still having repercussions as we still have a few discounts to issue. With the numerous neutral and negative feedback's we received from that complete debacle, it's amazing were still in business.
       I am very grateful for all the emails and messages of support we have received from our supporters, friends & subscribers to our Blog, You Tube Channel and our store Newsletter. We are just gonna have to work our way out of it and through it and put this disastrous year behind us. I can only hope and work hard to ensure 2011 is a better year for the company and myself ( personally ) It really couldn't get much worse. In fact for it to be any worse than this year the company would have to go belly up and I would have to die. Which lately doesn't really seem that bad of options. To be honest I would be more upset about closing the company than Being Deceased. Who would be the voice for the " Other Name Brands " ???
     Okay, enough with crap about me let's talk Drums & Cymbals. C&S has just signed on with a new distributor among the products were looking at to carry are moongel and some cool little knick knacks for your kit. Some novelty Items that I think, if not functional are totally cool, Dice knobs for the top of your Cymbals, Bass Drum tuning rods that are Hands holding the front drum head on, Nothing earth shattering but very neat little stuff. Hopefully we will be signing a distributorship agreement with PEACE drums and begin to carry their line Of drums after the first of the year. We also will be one of the first companies to carry a quick release HH clutch from a new company. They have some pretty interesting products which we think look really nice. However like all Products C & S carry we will give it a rigorous testing before putting it up for sale. We have always maintained " If we ourselves wouldn't use it then we won't sell it " that's not a line of marketing BS. That's a fact. and that's it for this blog have a great holiday        T.  Cymbals & Snares

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