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Friday, November 26, 2010

B-L-A-C-K F-R-I-D-A-Y ! ! !

Hello Dear Friends, Subscribers and Lurkers,
                                                                                  It's T once again. I sincerely Hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Holiday. Mine was just OK, Hopefully next year will be better for me. Well here we are once again and it's BLACK FRIDAY, The day that kicks off the Holiday shopping season. Contrary to popular Myth It's not the busiest shopping day of the year. That honor is usually bestowed upon Dec 23rd of every year, experts believe the last great " Surge " of last Minute Holiday shopping gets into full Blast. For an online operation like ours our " Surge " Kicks in about a good week before Christmas day so your precious goodies can get shipped and delivered before the " BIG " day.
       Although, we have had some operating difficulties this year, Your holiday orders will be shipped ASAP. I have several extra people trained to pitch in at a moments notice. So stock and staff wise were looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to having a stellar year end blitz for the company. We are sorting through and already laying out our game plan for 2011, New brands and more products will join C & S's offerings. Our long awaited and terribly overdue proprietary Website will be up and running in the early part of 2011, I'm going on record and saying sometime by February 15 th.
      As our Sophomore year ends we take with it many lessons any young growing company could learn from. We have made some big mistakes this year, but we realize that and we plan to learn from them. We have made mistakes dealing with Mistakes and accidents and other issue's. Like the Great Hack Attack, How we responded was admittedly poor. I was complete unprepared for it, severely underestimated it and didn't have enough cash reserves to deal with it properly. That will not happen again, Not on my watch. As long as I'm the Head Honcho here, Generalissimo T, We will not be pearl harbored again.
      We had alot of good stuff happen to Us also. Our ancillary sites really came into their own this year with a really active Blog and a very popular You Tube channel. When our own website opens shortly we will finally be able to bring all the C & S family of sites to a centralized Locale, that will be nice. I personally consider many of you friends, The regulars who frequent the store or YT channel and converse with me regularly. It's very cool, something I really didn't think about when I first founded C & S.
    OK enough BS lets talk about some product. We will be listing some new stuff over the weekend. A snare kit and Jr snare Kit, for you newbies and baby newbies out there. We are gonna Dissect a TKO 101 jr Drum kit for you with lots of Video and Pictures. These are one of the nicest jr kits on the market, If you or someone you know is looking at a " First Act" brand Drum kit stop Them !! These are so much nicer, really in a completely different league. A true drum kit only scaled down. So many times these jr drum kits are just absolute Crap. It's nice to no for even a very young starting player there is some decent and affordable equipment out there. Splash/Cymbal arm Packs will be available for both Wuhan and Silken.  There will be some additional Cymbal packs Available from Wuhan.
        We also will be permanently carrying TKO's 1200 series line of Cymbal stands, These are absolutely fantastic. For the money these are the nicest stands we have found. They are an excellent buy and we are happy to sell them, if your not happy with these you won't be happy with anything HONEST !! That is why we have decided to add these permanently to our inventory. We also will be unveiling Cannons 800 series HH stand, Like the TKO stands they are well built and very affordable. With some basic care and maintenance you should get years of use out of it. We like to cherry pick products from different companies, trying only to bring you what we feel is a good solid product and priced accordingly. That's the basic idea anyway. Lastly as the New Wuhan's become available we will be adding them to our line of products. So that ends today's Blog have a great weekend everybody.           T.

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