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Overdrive Cymbals
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Hack Attack, It's aftermath Continues

Hello everyone T here,
                                          Just a quick update for our loyal readers and supporters. The true cost of the great Hack Attack continues to mount. The attack effected over 100 orders, and made our ability to operate and comunicate with our customers nearly impossible at first. As we slowly began to emerge from the damage that was done, It became apparent to me this was going to be far costlier than anyone had envisioned.
          Our reputation on Ebay is at an all time low. The flurry of negative feedbacks has effectively dropped our feedback rating to 98%, the lowest it's ever been. That in turn has resulted in a drop in sales, which then begins to affect our ability to operate effectively. We have finally cleaned up almost everything from our disaster. A few more refunds and we'll be completely passed the physical damaged incurred. However, building our reputation up is going to be a long and hard process.
         So here we sit, It almost feels the last two years were for nothing. All we put into building this company and the idea's we espouse sit precariously on the edge of oblivion. I hope we can fully recover. We are pressing ahead with Overdrive Cymbals, developing our Wholesale company and continuing with work on our own Website. I hope we can pull this off. I have never felt less sure of myself or Cymbals & Snares since I first hatched the idea of doing my own thing. I hope it wasn't for nothing. Till next time.        T

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