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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cymbals & Snares We have returned .

Well hello everyone, It's T here. I'm delighted to inform everyone that Cymbals & Snares "The home of the "Other Name Brand" has risen from ashes and is back in business. Our Ebay store will be up and running any day now. For the time being we have begun to list our various products as individual items. If you click on any of our products you can simply click the " see sellers other items" tab and it will bring up a page where all our items are llisted.

After two false starts last year (2011) I have finally put the disasterous year of 2011 behind me. IN an earlier blog I explained in detail what exactly transpired. All I can say it was a nightmare, but I cannot dwell in the past, fret over what I could and should have done. It's too late for that and I must concentrate on moving foward. For the first time in a year I'm excited and pumped to have the opportunity to once again serve my fellow Drummers.

Playing and selling Drums is what I love to do and I'd like to think I'm very good at both. As far as C&S goes I will be following the exact same philosophy that brought me success and earned me so many very cool customers.

That being said I have always had several guidlines I run my business by :
1) Treat all customers like I myself would want to be treated.
2) Never sell a sub par product simply because it is profitable to do so.
3) If I wouldn't use it I won't sell it.
4) Be honest and accomodating and constantly strive to provide customer satisfaction.
Now you think the above would be a no brainer , unfortunately it's not and in general customer service today simply sucks. C&S has always had good customer relations and we will continue to strive to provide that to each one of you everyday and for every transaction.

There's a lot of companies you can purchase products from both online and at your local percussion retailer. Most are big monolithic companies who don't give a rat's ass about your business or your satisfaction. I humbly ask all of you to give Cymbals & Snares a shot at your business. I garauntee your complete satisfaction for one important reason above all, I care. Let's not forget I'm also a drummer and I know what it's like making a desision about purchasing new equipment. It can be a tuff and daunting task , at least with me you'll get an honest answer and not a hustle to seperate you from your cash.

Well I really just wanted to fire off a quick blurd that C&S is back and rarin to go. I just wanted to give a shout to everyone offically informing them and to give everyone a really big Hello. Thank you.  T president Cymbals & Snares.


  1. Cool Blog. Nothing I love more then cymbals and snares. I find a ridiculous selection at Cymbalism Music. http://stores.cymbalismmusic.com/StoreFront.bok

  2. Hey, T!: It's good to know that you're still around! Moving was really difficult (twice) for a single 55-year-old, but, finally, I got my kit up here in W. NC.

    By the way, the Beato stuff (heavy-duty cymbal transport bags) you sent me proves outstanding--it held up to a lot of heavy "punching" around--the cymbals are OK (naturally)!

    As far as I can tell, your site isn't up yet--I'm glad it's going to be up, soon. (I'm waiting, T!--He, he!) As you know, I'm quite interested in everything you offer! The $ situation has loosened a good deal, too.

    I think that things will prove brighter for both of us, T! Don't let the past discolor your perceptions of the present and future. "The past does not equal the future!": Tony Robbins

  3. Hey, something is squatting on a site with your company's name: cymbalsandsnares.com--just links to other vendors.